Top 4 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs in Australia - The Dog Line (2023)

Barking small dogs can really sound annoying especially when their high-pitched bark sound is leading towards nuisance barking. Are your neighbors already complaining?

Worry not, there are bark collars designed for tiny dogs such as French Bulldogs, Miniature Schnauzer, Australian Terriers, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Jack Russell Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and many more.

Today, we will talk about getting the best anti-bark collars for small dogs available in Australia.

What is the Best Anti Barking Collar for Small Dogs? (Click each Item To Learn More:)

  • PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs - PBC17-16447

  • PetSafe Elite Little Dogs Spray Bark Collar

  • PetSafe Vibration Bark Collar for Little Dogs

  • PetSafe Ultrasonic Anti Bark Collars for Tiny Dogs

  • Will a Bark Collar hurt my small dog?

  • Where to get the Best Bark Collars

First, let’s see which of the no-bark collar listed above will best suit your small dog. Each dog has a unique temperament and barking habit.

Thus, it is best to learn the specifications of each bark collar and match it up with your dog’s personality and sensitivity.

PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs - PBC17-16447

This bark collar can fit tiny to medium sized dogs weighing from 3.6 kilograms to 25 kilograms.

Also, it can fit up to 55centimetres neck size - if your dog’s neck size is slimmer, you can easily trim off the excess collar strap.

What we like about this anti-bark collar is that it has a temperament learning feature - the static corrections can automatically adjust to your dog’s barking habit. If your dog goes on a barking frenzy, the collar will increase the static correction gradually to deter him from excessive barking.

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By the way, the PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs - PBC17-16447has 15‘light-touch’ static corrections. Thus, we highly recommend this to small dogs with sensitive temperament.

Also, you will love one of its safety features which are the Patented Perfect Bark Technology – Dual Bark Detection. This means that the collar will not activate the correction unless it ‘feels’ the vibration from your dog’s vocal cords as he barks... and ‘hears’ the barking sound.

Therefore, this is also best recommended to yappy dogs living with other dogs - another dog’s bark will not falsely stimulate the dog wearing the anti-bark collar.

More awesome features and benefits of this collar:

  • 3 years warranty from the manufacturer

  • Waterproof and submersible

  • Comfortable & adjustable collar strap

  • Long-lasting Rechargeable Barttery

  • Automatic & progressive correction - easily trains dogs to quit nuisance barking

  • Great for small & sensitive dogs

Click here to see more of PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar

This type of bark collar is best for tiny to small dogs that weigh from 3.6 kilograms to 26 kilograms with neck size of up to 50 centimetres.

Indeed, it is designed to be small, lightweight, and super comfortable for little dogs.

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Now... unlike the first two anti-bark collars, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray deters your dog from excessive barking by using Citronella spray as stimulation. Citronella is a natural oil with a ‘lemony’ scent that can also deter insects from your house.

This is really helpful for dog-owners who do not want static corrections on their dogs… or those who live in states where electric dog training collars are still illegal.

We also recommend this collar to little dogs living with other dogs because it has a dual-detection feature - it does not correct the dog unless it detects the vibration from your dog’s vocal cords AND the sound as he barks.

Therefore, if another dog is barking, the dog wearing the bark collar is safe from any false corrections.

Check out these additional benefits and features from this spray collar:

  • 3 years manufacturer warranty

  • Waterproof for added durability

  • No need for static corrections - great for sensitive yet responsive dogs

  • Indicators for battery life & spray volume

  • Long-lasting & replaceable battery

Click here to find out more about PetSafe Elite Spray Bark Collar for Little Dogs.

PetSafe Vibration Bark Collar - VBC-10 for Small Dogs

The PetSafe VBC-10 can fit small to medium sized dogs that weigh 3.6 kilograms and up.

This is another great option for dog-owners who do not like static corrections on their dogs... or for those who are restricted to use an e-collar.

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Its vibration stimulation is great for small dogs with sensitive temperament - this bark collar has 10 random combinations of vibration to deter your dog from barking.

Plus, it also designed with Perfect Bark™ Technology - detects your dog’s bark sound AND the vibration from his vocal cords as he barks. This means that your dog is safe from any false corrections caused by another dog’s bark.

What more can PetSafe Vibration Bark Collar offer to small dogs?

  • • 3 years warranty from manufacturer

  • Durability - it is waterproof & submersible

  • Conserves energy with its easy on/off switch

  • Designed with LED battery life indicator

  • Replaceable & long-lasting inexpensive battery

Click here to get more details of PetSafe VBC-10.

PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar for Tiny Dogs

This ultrasonic bark collar can fit tiny to medium sized dogs weighing 3.6 kilograms and up.

It can be another great choice if you can’t use static corrections on your dog… or if Citronella spray and vibration stimulations do not suit your dog’s temperament.

The ultrasonic stimulation is a safe and soft yet high-pitched sound that is almost inaudible to human ears - it is one of the effective deterrents for dogs who are excessively barking but have very sensitive temperament yet responsive small dogs.

What else does PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar feature?

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  • 3 years manufacturer warranty

  • Ultralight sonic sound - great for sensitive yet responsive dogs

  • Water resistant

  • Lightweight & very comfortable

Click here to learn more about PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar for Tiny Dogs.

Are Bark Collars Safe for Small Dogs?

Yes, they are safe for dogs small and big alike. There are lots of bark collars that are specially designed for small dogs - we just showed you 5 of the best anti-bark collars for little dogs found in Australia.

Also, we understand that some people doubt and worry that bark collars will hurt / burn their dogsskin. However, people need to know that it is the improper use of e-collars that leads to unintentionally hurting their dogs.

Take a look at this graph below - this is a result of a study conducted by Philips Testing Service.

See, the highest static level that a bark collar can stimulate on a dog is at 0.0003 Joules - way lower than the normal static machines we humans use on a daily basis.

Now, take note that humans are more likely to get hurt by static pulses because we have thin and oily skin whilst dogs have fur, thick and dry skin which makes them sort of resistant to the stimulations.

Therefore, high quality bark collars are safe for small dogs. So, make sure to choose the best bark collar for your little dogs and don’t wait for your neighbour to complain any further.

Where to Buy Bark Collars?

Buy from the best - do not compromise your dog’s comfort and safety by buying the wrong and low-quality products. Good thing is that we offer and recommend ONLY the best bark collars in the market of Australia.

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To know which anti bark collar is best for your dog, it’s recommended that you get familiar with your dog’s temperament, environment, age and size... and get the trusted bark collars in Australia here (click on each icon below):

If you have more queries or concerns about getting the best bark collar for your small dog, give us a call on our 7-day helpline at 1 300 THE DOG. That’s 1 300 843 364. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US

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Top 4 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs in Australia - The Dog Line? ›

Vibration Collars

One variety is the vibration collar. These operate both by hearing a bark and by sensing the vibration in the dog's throat. Therefore, only the dog wearing the device will trigger the vibration response. The vibration is designed to distract your dog and therefore stop the barking.

What is the best device to stop small dogs from barking? ›

Vibration Collars

One variety is the vibration collar. These operate both by hearing a bark and by sensing the vibration in the dog's throat. Therefore, only the dog wearing the device will trigger the vibration response. The vibration is designed to distract your dog and therefore stop the barking.

Which bark collar is most effective? ›

The 5 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs
Best forProduct
Best OverallPetdiary Smart Bark Waterproof Dog Bark Collar
Best DisplayDINJOO Dog Bark Collar
Best for Small DogsDogRook Dog Bark Collar
Best WaterproofHKZOOI Dog Training Collar, 2 Receiver IPX7
1 more row
Mar 18, 2023

What is the best anti barking device in Australia? ›

After carefully considering our options for the best anti-bark collar in Australia, Hidden Fence's BT7 Dog Watch brand is our winner. This electronic dog collar has the 4 most important features needed to beat out its competition: the citronella spray collar.

What is the best and safest bark collar? ›

The NPS Dog Bark Collar utilizes a harm-free way to train your furry companion. Capable of fitting most medium to large breeds of dogs without worry, it's designed to use a combination of vibration and sound to effectively teach your dog not to bark without causing any trauma.

How do I get my small dog to stop barking at everyone? ›

What to do
  1. Try ignoring the barking - at first your dog may continue or get worse but this is perfectly normal. Keep going and eventually they will understand that barking doesn't get your attention.
  2. If waiting silently doesn't work, calmly ask them to "sit" or "lie down"
  3. Only interact with your dog when they are calm.
Feb 27, 2023

How do you stop a dog barking at ASAP? ›

Ignore the barking and force your dog to realize that they will not be rewarded with attention for it. It's okay if your dog sees you, but don't make eye contact, don't move toward them, and don't talk to them or pet them. Use treats to encourage positive behavior and withhold them when the dog is barking.

Do vets recommend bark collars? ›

Anti-bark collars are punishment devices and are not recommended as a first choice for dealing with a barking problem. This is especially true for barking that's motivated by fear, anxiety or compulsion.

How do I choose a bark collar? ›

The first thing to consider is the breed and size of your dog. It is important for any bark collar to sit snuggly around the dog's neck (a good indication is when only one finger can pass through between the belt and the neck), so getting the right sized collar is very important for it to work effectively.

What are the negatives of bark collars? ›

Shock collars have been proven to lead to increased aggression, stress, fear, and learned helplessness in some dogs. They become confused and frustrated because their natural response to responding to danger is being suppressed.

Do anti bark collars work Australia? ›

Most of our customers find that within a few corrections, their dog has effectively connected the stimulation (the correction emitted by the collar) with their barking. Usually, the dog doesn't need to wear the collar for long to stop the nuisance barking.

What sounds stop dogs from barking? ›

How to stop a barking dog? Playing white noise is a great solution, because it covers up all of the other sounds that your dog is super sensitive to.

Are bark collars safe for small dogs? ›

The minimum weight for a dog to use most collars is 8 pounds, even with mini dog bark collars. Most manufacturers do not recommend using their collars on dogs smaller than that because they can be too bulky, heavy, and not function as intended.

What collar is the safest? ›

The best type is a standard flat collar that is easily adjustable with a quick release buckle and a metal ring for attaching your dog's identification tag and leash. Single layer collars are preferable, as there is evidence that double-layered collars with cushioning can actually cause increased pressure on the neck.

Which type of dog collar is considered the safest and most humane? ›

Martingale Dog Collars. Martingale collars are one of the most popular types of training collars because they are the most comfortable and the safest to use. This style of collar is designed to tighten or cinch up a little bit when your dog pulls but then loosens comfortably when they are walking appropriately.

Can small dogs be trained not to bark so much? ›

While small dogs earn lovable points in just about every category, training them to follow your directions or stop barking isn't one of them. Small dogs are indeed harder to train than large dogs, but it's not their fault; it's most likely due to genetics … and you (their owners).

Why won't my small dog stop barking? ›

Generally, this behavior is a result of your dog trying to get attention or another need met. If your dog is barking at you excessively, ignore your dog's barking and reward what you do want – the quiet moments between barking, engaging with toys etc. When your dog stops barking, praise and reward your dog.

Why do small dogs never stop barking? ›

Excessive barking is usually an indicator of underlying issue(s) such as pain, fear or distress, the presence of trigger(s) (e.g., passers-by, other dogs barking) and/or failure to meet the dogs' mental and physical needs (e.g., insufficient exercise, mental stimulation and/or social interaction).

How do I train my dog to stay home alone without barking? ›

Leave “activities” to keep your dog occupied. Examples include a safe chew toy, or an interactive game where your dog works to get a treat out of a puzzle. Provide training while you're home. Leave the dog for a few seconds, come back into the house, and reward him for quiet, calm behavior.

How do you punish a dog that won't stop barking? ›

If your dog keeps barking after you give the cue, another verbal cue such as “too bad” or “oh well” can be given before you remove your attention briefly by going to a separate room. The duration of time should only be a few minutes, or until they stop barking. This will gradually improve with practice.

What triggers dog barking? ›

Any noise, no matter how slight, can stimulate a barking response – for example rustling leaves, a banging window, lightning or thunder, or a ring of the doorbell. Dogs also bark because of behavioural issues. For example, a dog may bark out of fear, boredom, or when they're anxious to be left alone.

Do vibration bark collars work? ›

Vibrating collars can be effective in stopping unwanted behaviors, but they may not be the best choice for all dogs or all behaviors. For example, if your dog has a severe fear or anxiety issue, a vibrating collar may not be the best solution.

What is the difference between a bark collar and a shock collar? ›

Bark collars are specifically designed to address excessive barking, while shock collars are used for a broader range of training applications, including obedience, off-leash training, and behavior modification.

How long should a dog wear a bark collar? ›

Left on for long periods, a bark collar could irritate your dog's skin, so it's recommended you leave the bark collar on your pet for no more than 12 consecutive hours. For your dog's comfort, it's best to remove the collar while he's indoors.

Why is my dog not responding to the bark collar? ›

We often have people contact us, concerned that their dog's anti-bark collar isn't working and experience shows that the problem usually occurs for one of the following reasons: The Bark Collar is faulty, The Bark Collars battery is flat, or. The bark collar has not been fitted adequately.

What are the different types of anti bark collars? ›

There are three main types of no-bark collars: static shock, citronella and ultrasonic. All three collars fit snuggly against your dog's neck when they are fitted correctly. It is important both for safety and for proper training that the collar is fitted by a professional or by an experienced dog owner.

What is a smart bark collar? ›

The smart dog bark control collar has been designed to provide dog owners with an efficient and humane method of dealing with excessive barking. The variety of training modes and adjustable sensitivity levels allow for a personalized approach tailored to the unique needs of each dog.

Is there a humane bark collar? ›

PetSpy No Shock Bark Collar is an innovative and humane anti-barking collar that uses smart technology to train your dog to correct and reduce excessive barking.

Do non shock bark collars work? ›

The Cornell University study found that all dog owners found citronella collars to be effective at reducing or stopping nuisance barking, and many preferred them over the electric shock collars. Citronella bark collars are also used in several stray and pet adoption organizations to help control excessive barking.

Can I leave a bark collar on all day? ›

Use the bark collar consistently to address the periods of time where your dog is excessively barking. Remember, 12. hours per day is the maximum time frame that a dog can wear a bark collar.

Do anti barking devices really work? ›

Anti-Bark Collars

Most often, these are collars that deliver an unpleasant stimulus when your dog barks. The stimulus might be a loud noise, an ultrasonic noise, a spray of citronella mist or a brief electric shock. The collars that deliver noise are ineffective with most dogs.

Do ultrasonic devices stop dogs barking? ›

Ultrasonic dork bark controller devices are highly effective when used as dog bark deterrent and to stop dogs barking. There are some situations however where it won't work. Be aware that DAZER II makes a loud sound (115 dba). This sound is not heard by humans — we simply cannot hear it.

What technology stops dogs from barking? ›

  • Anti Dog Barking Device.
  • Bark Collars.
  • Citronella Collars.
  • Featured.
  • No Shock Collars.
  • Possum Repeller.
  • Static.
  • Static Bark Collars.

Is there an anti barking device that works? ›

PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking Control

It's completely safe to use and is an effective way to deter excessive barking inside or outside your home. The sound emitter is built to look like a stylish birdhouse. It can be hung on a tree branch or placed on a shelf. There are 3 range levels available.

Does ignoring barking make it stop? ›

This is well-intended but incomplete advice – if you only ignore the behavior, your dog will probably never learn to stop barking, jumping, or pulling. Just ignoring unwanted dog behaviors misses an important piece of teaching your dog what TO do instead. Dogs learn by association.

Do vibration collars work for barking? ›

Vibrating collars are said to be a humane way of correcting a barking problem. A vibration collar is used to correct a dog from barking. And yes, if used correctly, a vibration collar can work for barking. It can also be used for communicating with a dog that is deaf.

Do dog whistles stop barking? ›

A dog whistle can be used in a variety of different ways. It is most commonly paired with recall training, as it is more distinct and discreet than a human's voice. However, the dog whistle can be used to stop barking, train basic obedience, or even modify specific behaviors.

Can Alexa tell my dog to stop barking? ›

Stop Dog Barking. This Alexa skill can be a real lifesaver if your dog is an incessant barker. The Stop Dog Barking skill will emit a high-pitched frequency that dogs don't like and will cause them to stop barking. There are many more dog-related Alexa skills for you to learn about and explore.

What stops Neighbours dogs barking? ›

If the dog barks every time you step into your yard or venture near his property, try blocking his vision by planting a hedge or erecting a fence or privacy screen. If the dog's barking is territorial, blocking his view of your property may remove the threat.

What is the most powerful dog bark? ›

Golden retrievers ranked at No. 1 for having the loudest bark in the world at 113 decibels, according to Guinness World Records.


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