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  • How Do You Choose a Pet Insurance Cover Provider?
  • Top Best Dog Insurance Providers in the UK
    • 1. Petsure – Best Overall
    • 2. PetPlan – Best Premium Choice
    • 3. Agria Pet Insurance – best value
    • 4. ManyPets
    • 5. Tesco Bank
    • 6. VetsMediCover
    • 7. Direct Line
  • FAQs: Best dog Insurance in the UK
  • The Final Verdict

As a pet owner, there are essential things to consider such as the health of your furry friend. Therefore, it’s important to consider the potential costs of unexpected medical emergencies. That’s where pet insurance comes in – it provides financial protection should your dog require medical treatment.

However, if you live in the UK, there are many lifetime pet insurance policies available. So, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pet insurance cover.

Outstandingly, this blog post will provide an overview of the 7 best dog insurance options in the UK. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage or more budget-friendly options, there’s a provider for everyone. So, you will have the added advantage to reduce vet fees.

How Do You Choose a Pet Insurance Cover Provider?

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (1)

We know how it is a hassle to find a reliable pet insurance provider. This is because there are numerous options for providing multi-pet insurance. So, we have shared essential tips to guide you through here:


Start by researching different dog insurance providers to see what each one offers. Look for customer reviews and ratings, as well as coverage options and costs. You may need a provider that can cover the cost of treatment.

Understand your dog’s needs:

Consider your dog’s breed, age, and health history to determine what coverage options will be most beneficial. For example, certain breeds may be prone to specific health issues that require more coverage. The same reason why vaccinations affect pet insurance policies.

Compare coverage options:

Look for providers that offer comprehensive coverage options that meet your dog’s specific needs. This may include accident and illness coverage, as well as routine care coverage. These providers will easily cover your veterinary treatment costs.

Read the contract:

Be sure to read the fine print to understand any exclusions or limitations in the coverage, such as pre-existing conditions.


Cost shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision. However, it’s important to consider how much the coverage will cost and if it fits within your budget. Ask for a pet insurance quote from pet insurance companies and pick one offering the best price and third party liability.

Check for add-ons:

Some providers may offer additional add-ons, such as dental treatment or alternative therapies, that may be beneficial for your dog’s health.

Excellent customer service:

Choose a provider that offers responsive customer service and support, so you can quickly and easily get help if you need it.

Top Best Dog Insurance Providers in the UK

There are many things you can look for before choosing a pet insurance provider. We have carefully selected a list of the best options in the UK. Before we came up with the list, we did check reviews from reliable sources and asked different pet owners. Here is the list of the best options based on our findings:

1. Petsure – Best Overall

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (2)

Our top company on the list is Pestsure company. It is a UK-based dog insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage options for pet owners looking to protect their furry friend’s health and wellbeing.

The company offers cover for both dogs and cats. You can insure your pet for 4 weeks without an upper limit. Outstanding, they also cover pets with pre-existing conditions making it among the best top choice.

It goes beyond that to provide customers with detailed educational materials, such as videos for consultation purposes. You can also communicate with their professional vet at any time.


  • Tailored cover
  • No compulsory excess
  • Multi-pet cover
  • No upper age limits
  • Excellent customer services
  • Covers pets with pre-existing conditions


  • They don’t pay attention to details maximally
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Why we Recommend:

Petsure is a reliable UK dog insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage options, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. With its excellent levels of services and range of benefits, it is a great option for pet owners looking to protect their furry friend’s health and wellbeing. We picked it as the best overall option.

2. PetPlan – Best Premium Choice

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (3)

If you’re a pet owner in the UK, you’ve likely heard of Petplan – one of the country’s most popular dog insurance companies. It is known to insure many pets, including dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits.

An added advantage is the company won’t charge claims. They also pet the vet directly. Over time, they have partnered with many vets and supported animal charities.


  • Highly recommended by customers
  • Covers many pets
  • Claims are paid quickly
  • Good coverage


  • They’re quite expensive

Why we Recommend

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Petplan is its fast pay-to-claims. So it provides peace of mind and financial protection in the event of unexpected medical emergencies.

3. Agria Pet Insurance – best value

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (4)

If you’re a pet owner in the UK, you’re likely familiar with the numerous budget-friendly dog insurance providers available. One such provider is Agria Pet Insurance, which has been offering pet coverage for years.

Agria Pet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage options for dogs. One thing that sets Agria Pet Insurance apart is its commitment to responsible pet ownership. They have a qualified team and it has received numerous awards.

Agria Pet Insurance prides itself on its customer service, offering responsive support to pet owners whenever needed.


  • Affordable options
  • Most claims paid
  • The team are animal lovers and have animal-related qualifications
  • Rated as the “most trustworthy”


  • No policies for old pets
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Why we Recommend

Agria Pet Insurance is a reliable and trustworthy option for pet owners looking to protect their furry family members. With their commitment to responsible pet ownership and affordable services, it is worth considering it.

4. ManyPets

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (5)

ManyPets is a UK-based dog insurance company offering comprehensive pet owners coverage options. With a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction, ManyPets is quickly becoming popular for pet owners looking for reliable and affordable dog insurance.

The company offers discounts on multi-pet insurance. However, you have to place them in the same category. It does not avoid pre-existing conditions but covers those that ended two years.


  • They offer different policies for cat owners
  • They cover pre-existing conditions that ended 2 years
  • Multiple pets with the same policy get a discount


  • They cover cats and dogs

Why we Recommend

ManyPets is a great option for UK pet owners looking for reliable and affordable dog insurance. With a range of coverage options to meet different needs, optional add-ons, and a focus on customer satisfaction, ManyPets is quickly becoming a popular choice for pet owners.

5. Tesco Bank

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (6)

Tesco Bank is one of the leading dog insurance providers in the UK. It offers a range of coverage options to meet the needs of pet owners.

Unlike many pet insurance companies, it offers new insurance to older pets. The good thing, it only charges a little when covering an old pet.

The downside is that they are strict about choosing the pets to cover. For example, those below 8 weeks will not get coverage. Other pets not included in the list are those with injuries and pre-existing conditions.

Once your pet turns 8 years, the coverage cost increases. However, Clubcard members can get a discount. So they can talk to vets via video or phone call.

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  • Excellent for older pets
  • Discount for Clubcard members
  • No cancellation fees
  • Four levels of cover are available
  • 24/7 access to an expert via phone or video call


  • Fees increase when the pet turns 8 years old
  • You have to pay excesses

Why we Recommend

Tesco Bank is a reputable and reliable dog insurance provider in the UK. Their coverage options offer flexibility to meet the needs of different pet owners, and their positive customer reviews demonstrate their commitment to providing quality service.

6. VetsMediCover

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (7)

If you’re a pet owner in the UK, you have many options for choosing a dog insurance provider. One provider to consider is VetsMediCover, which offers comprehensive coverage options and affordable premiums.

VetsMediCover specializes in providing comprehensive pet coverage under Silver, Bronze, and Gold options. Regardless of the option you pick, you get a chance of accessing online vet.

However, they cover pets with pre-existing conditions that have not been treated for the last two years. Unfortunately, the insurance doesn’t cover older pets.


  • Cheapest pet insurance
  • 24/7 online vet access
  • Different options are available
  • They cover pre-existing conditions on higher options
  • They accept monthly installments


  • No policy for older pets

Why we Recommend

VetsMediCover boasts a high level of customer service. They offer 24/7 access to their customer service team, so you can get help whenever you need it.

7. Direct Line

7 Best Dog Insurance in the UK for 2023 - Ally Paws (8)

Direct Line is a well-known insurance provider that offers dog insurance coverage for pet owners. The provider is suitable for multi-pet owners. When you get insurance for your pets, the company offers a discount. So, you can easily manage your coverage under one umbrella.

The outstanding thing is affordability. Their packages are cheap and easy to access. Once you make a claim, they will pay the vet directly. In addition, they have partnered with Pet Drugs Online Store. So, once you purchase there, the company covers the prescription fee. Another advantage is discounts on pet toys and food.

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  • Affordable vet fees cover
  • multi-pet discount
  • Two cover options are available
  • They offer different pet insurance
  • Direct payment of veterinary fees


  • Low coverage

Why we Recommend

It’s important to carefully consider your pet’s needs and compare coverage options before choosing a dog insurance provider, but Direct Line is certainly a provider worth considering.

FAQs: Best dog Insurance in the UK

Still, need to know more about finding a suitable dog insurance provider in the UK? We have gathered a list of the commonly asked questions. Check them out below:

Is it worth paying for dog insurance?

As a pet owner, it’s natural to want to provide cover for your furry friend. Dog insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected medical emergencies. While some pet owners may consider the cost of insurance to be an unnecessary expense, it’s important to consider the potential cost of medical treatment without coverage. In many cases, the cost of a single emergency veterinary visit can far outweigh the cost of monthly insurance premiums. However, the decision to pay for dog insurance will depend on your individual circumstances and the needs of your pet.

When should I start puppy insurance?

It’s recommended to start puppy insurance as soon as possible, ideally before your puppy experiences any health issues or accidents. Many insurance providers have a minimum age requirement of around 8 weeks old, but it’s best to check with the specific provider. By starting insurance coverage early, you can ensure that your puppy is protected from unexpected veterinary costs and have peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Additionally, starting coverage early may help prevent any pre-existing conditions from being excluded from coverage.

The Final Verdict

Finding the best dog insurance in the UK is crucial for pet owners. It ensures that their furry friends receive the necessary medical attention without incurring significant financial burdens. With a wide range of insurance providers and policies available in the market, it is essential to carefully evaluate the coverage options, costs, and benefits to make an informed decision.

By doing so, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their dogs are protected and well-cared for in case of unexpected illnesses, accidents, or injuries. Investing in a comprehensive and reliable dog insurance policy is a wise decision that can save pet owners from potential financial strain and provide their beloved pets with the best possible care. Ultimately, you can consider one of our seven insurance providers listed above for a pet insurance policy.

Good luck!


What is the best type of dog insurance UK? ›

The best pet insurance for dogs
  • Animal Friends pet insurance review.
  • ManyPets pet insurance review.
  • Direct Line pet insurance review.
  • Petplan pet insurance review.
  • The Insurance Emporium pet insurance review.
  • Waggel pet insurance review.
Jan 3, 2023

Should I get pet insurance for my dog UK? ›

If you've ever wondered 'is pet insurance worth it? ' it could be worth checking typical treatment costs. Prices vary depending on your pet's condition and where you live, but according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the average pet insurance claim in 2021 was £848.

Which insurance company is UK based for pets? ›

Over the last 40 years, Petplan has helped millions of pets through illness and injury. Today, we're still the UK's favourite pet insurer, insuring over 1.3 million pets.

What is a good annual limit for pet insurance UK? ›

As a general rule, cover less than £5000 is likely to leave you with problems if your dog gets in a serious accident, and £7000 is the minimum most vets would consider to be fairly comprehensive.

What is the best private insurance in UK? ›

Our in-depth private health insurance review of the top 8 providers in the UK
  1. WPA. Our Rating: 9.7/10. ...
  2. The Exeter. Our Rating: 9.6/10. ...
  3. Bupa. Our Rating: 9.5/10. ...
  4. Vitality. Our Rating: 9.5/10. ...
  5. Axa Health. Our Rating: 9.3/10. ...
  6. Freedom Health Insurance. Our Rating: 9.2/10. ...
  7. Aviva. Our Rating: 9/10. ...
  8. National Friendly. Our Rating: 8.8/10.

Are pet health plans worth it UK? ›

If you ensure that your pet always gets their yearly boosters, is regularly treated for fleas and worms, and sees your vet often, then you will likely make a massive saving with a health plan! All of this will now be cheaper or free, and you may save in other aspects of veterinary care too.

Why is dog insurance so expensive UK? ›

Medical advances drive pet insurance increases

Insurers see vet fees rising year on year and so most have to pass some of these increases onto their customers. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) research into claims in 2020 shows that despite the pandemic vets continued to provide vital care for pets.

What percentage of UK pets are insured? ›

According to the ABI, 4.3m pets in the UK are insured. That's an increase over the previous year's 4.2 million. But according to the PDSA's 2022 PAW report, that still leaves 39% of dogs and 41% of cats uninsured in 2021.

Is pet insurance common in UK? ›

Trends About Pet Insurance in the UK

55% of new pet owners from the time of the pandemic have pet insurance, and 54% of additional pets are also covered.

What is the biggest pet insurance in the UK? ›

Petplan remains the UK's biggest pet insurer, helping more animals than anyone else.

What are the biggest pet supply companies in the UK? ›

Petsathome.com is the online shop with the highest eCommerce net sales that is selling products in the Pet supplies e-commerce market in the UK, with a revenue of US$215 million in 2021 generated in the UK, followed by zooplus.co.uk with US$155 million. Third place is taken by viovet.co.uk with US$68 million.

What happens if you can't afford vet bill UK? ›

Some vets offer payment plans through a credit company if you need help spreading the cost. Not every vet can offer this, but it's worth asking if this is an option. To decide if signing up for a payment plan is right for you, please contact: The Money Advice Service.

What is the market size for pet insurance in the UK? ›

4 billion in 2021.

What percentage of pet owners have pet insurance UK? ›

Those with a higher income were three times more likely to get a dog – and they are also more likely to take out pet insurance. Amongst all dog owners, a respectable 61% have valid pet insurance, rising to 72% for those with a household income of £60k per year.

What is the famous British insurance company? ›

The firm provides car, home, and business policies underwritten by UK Insurance.
RankInsurance brandRating
4Direct Line93%
17 more rows
Sep 16, 2022

Is private healthcare in UK cheaper than us? ›

As one of the only developed countries without a universal healthcare system, the cost of medical care in the USA is notoriously expensive.

What is the average cost of private health insurance in the UK? ›

The average price of a private healthcare policy in the UK is £1,032.84 per year (February 2022); however, you could pay considerably less or more depending on your age and the level of cover you require. For example, a 30 year old would pay on average £581.64 per year, and a 60 year old £1,354.80.

Why are UK vet bills so high? ›

Lots of new diagnostic and imaging equipment is being used, and new treatments introduced, says Sean Wensley, president of the British Veterinary Association. "These advances are expensive and there is no NHS for animals. And most veterinary surgeries are small to medium-sized businesses that can't absorb these costs."

Why is vet care so expensive in the UK? ›

The Costs of Running a Veterinary Practice

The truth is that most vets are perfectly honest and do have the best interests of your pets at heart. Their fees are high because they must cover not just their own time but also the cost of the veterinary nurses, receptionists and other support staff.

How much is a health check for a dog UK? ›

How much is a pet health check appointment? The cost of our pet health check is £42 (prices at Oct 2019). Any additional treatments or procedures arising are charged in addition to this.

How many dogs in the UK are insured? ›

The number of pet insurance customers in the United Kingdom increased in 2021 and almost reached four million. In that year, approximately 3.7 million individuals had pet insurance, up from 3.4 million in 2019.

How expensive are vets in the UK? ›

A vet appointment usually costs between £40-£60. This will include a consultation and diagnosis. If your pet requires further treatment or referral to a specialist, this will be an add on to the cost of an appointment.

Does pet insurance go up as dog gets older? ›

Insurance for senior pets works the same way as it does for younger pets. The main difference is price. Since older dogs and cats are more likely to need medical care, it generally costs more to buy pet insurance for them.

What percentage of Brits own a dog? ›

52% of UK adults own a pet. 27% of UK adults have a dog with an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs.

How many pets get abandoned each year in the UK? ›

The RSPCA has said the number of abandoned pets in England and Wales is up 25% compared to the previous year. Data provided by the charity shows as of July, it responded to 22,908 animals being left by their owners.

How many pets are you allowed UK? ›

You cannot bring more than 5 pets to Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) unless you're attending or training for a competition, show, sporting event.

What is the UK pet protection bill? ›

The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill 2021-22 was introduced in the House of Commons on 8 June 2021 as a Bill to make provision about the welfare of certain kept animals that are in, imported into, or exported from Great Britain. Second Reading took place on Monday 25 October 2021.

Should I get private insurance in UK? ›

If you're happy to rely on the NHS for treatment or if you have a long-standing chronic condition, then health insurance may not be for you. If you're looking for quick access to treatment and the choice of hospitals or specialists, then private health insurance could be better suited to your needs.

Where do most pet owners live in the UK? ›

Nottingham has the greatest number of pet owners
RankingCityThe Population of Pet Owners*
10 more rows
Sep 27, 2022

What is the number 1 pet in the UK? ›

The Total Dog Population as Pets in the UK Is 13 Million

An article reported that there are over 13 million dogs kept as pets across the UK. Dogs are the number one pet owners choose to bring into their homes. Cats are second on the list, while indoor birds are the third most popular pet.

Who is the best animal welfare in the UK? ›

The Largest Animal Welfare Charity in the UK. RSPCA.

Who are the largest pet insurers in Europe? ›

Europe Pet Insurance Market Leaders
  • PetPlan Insurance.
  • Embrace Pet Insurance Agency, LLC.
  • Royal & Sun Alliance.
  • PetHealth Inc.
  • Pet First Healthcare.

What is the best selling dogs in UK? ›

1. Labrador Retriever. Once again, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the UK with 61,559 registrations in 2021. Whether they are golden, black, red or chocolate, us Brits love a loyal Lab.

What is the most neglected pet in the UK? ›

Despite being the third most popular pet in the UK, rabbits are among the most abused and neglected. Too many spend miserable lives confined to a hutch, alone and with little or no space to exercise. And around 67,000 rabbits a year end up in rescue centres.

Who is the largest pet supplier in USA? ›

Petco. The largest pet supply companies in the United States are without a doubt PetSmart and Petco Animal Supplies. PetSmart, which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, brings revenue in from brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico.

What is Britain's most popular pet? ›

Top British Pets 2022: Here are the 20 most popular pets in the UK - from loving cats and dogs to fish and ferrets
  1. Dogs. There are now around 12 million dogs in the UK, making them the joint most popular pet. ...
  2. Cats. ...
  3. Indoor fish. ...
  4. Outdoor fish.
Dec 30, 2022

What is the UK equivalent of PETsMART? ›

Pets at Home
TypePublic limited company
FounderAnthony Preston
HeadquartersHandforth, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
Area servedUnited Kingdom
9 more rows

What is the best type of dog insurance? ›

The best type of dog insurance is lifetime cover, because these types of policies have limits that renew each year. Renewing limits protect against long-term or recurring conditions over the course of your dog's life. The next best type of cover is usually considered to be max benefit.

What are the 4 types of pet insurance? ›

There are four main types of pet insurance – Lifetime, Annual (or time limited), Accident only and Maximum benefit.

What is better Max benefit or lifetime pet insurance? ›

Lifetime pet insurance is typically the most comprehensive cover available for your pet, but for that reason it also tends to be more expensive. Unlike max benefit pet insurance, which will cover conditions up to a one-time maximum limit, with lifetime pet insurance the cap per condition resets each year.

What makes Petplan different? ›

Unlike many other insurers, our only focus is on cats, dogs and horses. Without the other distractions we can spend more time settling your claims from an injury or illness, help you decide which cover suits your needs, and apply ourselves to serving you in a friendly, helpful and understanding manner.

Which pet insurance is best for older dogs? ›

It might be the most expensive, but a lifetime policy could offer the best protection for your older dog. That's because it'll always cover them, so long as you keep paying the premiums. If you take it out when they're younger, it should cover any conditions your dog may develop as they get older.

What is the best reimbursement level for pet insurance? ›

A higher percentage means you can get more cash back on your claims. A lower percentage gives you a lower monthly premium. Many of our customers prefer the 90% option, since it means they can get reimbursed a greater percentage of their covered costs.

What is a lifetime pet policy? ›

Lifetime pet insurance cover

Lifetime covers your pet year after year, for your pet's lifetime, as long as you don't cancel your policy or let it lapse at renewal. As many insurers don't cover pre-existing conditions for new policies, many people choose to keep their Lifetime cover rolling.

Are there different levels of pet insurance? ›

Pet insurance companies typically divide their products into 3 main categories: accident-only, accident and illness, and wellness coverages. Each level offers specific services that are covered and excluded and will vary by price.

Does Petplan cover death? ›

Your policy may not include the Death from Injury and/or Death from Illness sections of cover. These are only included if they're shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Third Party Liability applies to all dogs, unless it has been specifically excluded from your dog's cover.

Does age matter pet insurance? ›

The older your pet, the more difficult it may be to find insurance. Pet insurers with maximum age limits for new policies often set them at 10 years old, so if your pet is older than 10, you'll want to look for a company with a higher age limit or no limit.

Do pets best premiums increase with age? ›

Pets Best insurance plan premiums increase over time as a pet ages, even though there is no age limit for getting covered.

What if my dog needs surgery and I can t afford it UK? ›

You can contact the RSPCA or Blue Cross to see if they can offer help, or your local vet may be able to offer you an affordable payment plan. We would recommend getting insurance, as this can be a big help with unexpected veterinary bills.

Why do vets recommend Petplan? ›

Spread your payments, with no extra charge. Insuring your dog allows you to budget monthly for unexpected veterinary bills. Petplan allows you to pay monthly or yearly instalments via direct debit at no additional cost, helping you budget for your pet's care in a way that works for you.

What is Petplan called now? ›

Petplan is now Fetch by The Dodo. Please see our Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance review.

What happened to Petplan? ›

In 2019, Petplan was acquired by Warburg Pincus. In 2020, The Dodo acquired a minority stake in Petplan, rebranding it as Fetch by The Dodo. Its insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company and AXIS Insurance Company.


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